2nd International Conference for CBM in Aerospace
Paper submission & Registration


Every international visitor should check with his or her local consulate regarding visa and entry regulations for France. Please do this well in advance of the conference. If you require a letter of invitation of the CBM conference as a part of a visa application, you must submit a written request to the conference secretariat (contact@iccbma.eu) via email no later than June 1, 2024.


In order for a letter to be issued, the visa applicant MUST meet ONE of the following criteria:

  • Scheduled to make a presentation in an official conference session. Include abstract number or the name of the session in which you will be presenting.
  • Paid the conference registration fee. Include your registration confirmation number in your request.
  • When you are a representative of an official exhibiting company at the conference, include the name of the company in your request.

Contact the CBM conference secretariat regarding any questions. A copy of the invitation letter will be emailed to you unless otherwise requested.


Note: Some countries have special requirements for the visa letter in addition to the standard information provided. Please check with your local consulate for any additional requirements to attend the CBM conference, and include these in your request for a letter.